Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Philly Eviction Notice

Alright friends and comrades, the gauntlet has been thrown down. All debates about whether we should have moved can wait for later; for now it's war. For the record, I personally am out of state and in the process of moving to Philadelphia right now, so I cannot take part in the scuffle to come. Feel free to call me chicken. :P

Urgent necessity #1: the entire GAs should dedicate 50% or more of their time to putting the entire movement through police confrontation training.
Urgent necessity #2: what is our next step if/when we lose our space? See my post about transitioning from an encampment to an organization and creating a "99% Coalition."

Don't forget that there is a march to the bridge tomorrow to underscore America's crumbling infrastructure and the opportunities for job creation -- but how exactly this will interact with potential eviction, I don't know, and I believe that if the encampment is under attack, the march should turn around and break the police line.