Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reading on Anarcho-Purism for Occupy

Let me be absolutely clear -- I am happy to work with anarchists and I used to be one. I do not even view the consensus model or informal leadership as core parts of anarchist thought, but rather something embraced and pushed by a purist section of anarchists.

That being said, the following reading is extremely helpful for understanding the limitations of anarcho-purist organizing methods which are inhibiting Occupy Philly, and calmly explaining these shortcomings to others.

"The Limits of Consensus" (the most immediately relevant)

"The Tyranny of Structurelessness" (excerpts)

On a positive note, I met a member of the group "Bring the Ruckus" in the Radical Caucus, and I think a semi-anarchist group embracing the concept of a cadre organization is a clear sign that anarcho-purism is not the only form of anarchism. If libertarian socialists organize diplomatically, we can have positive collaboration with anarchists in ways which fulfill and do not compromise our own ideas. The About page of Bring the Ruckus: